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Epic Jet's South American adventure is featured in Robb Report's Collection "Jetaways" - December 2009                                                              Epic Jet's transparent pricing a favorite of Private Shoppes Magazine "Charter about the Country" - Winter 2010                                                              Epic Jet receives local and national recognition for coordination of Haiti relief flights
Epic Jet acts as an air charter broker and agent of its clients in obtaining air charter services from Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certificated air carriers on an as-needed basis. Epic Jet does not act as an agent for the air carrier nor is Epic Jet an air carrier in its own right. Epic Jet does not own or operate any aircraft. Epic Jet does not exercise “operational control” of the aircraft for flights it arranges on behalf of the Client. In accordance with FAA regulations, such responsibility is legally imposed on the certificated air carrier that operates the flight.
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